Shoe Pick #30 – Vans

Vans Old Skool Vintage – Blue
£55 RRP
vans old skool
Simple, clean, vintage; these Vans Old Skool’s are sweet. I’ve always admired this classic silhouette, but never really come across a clean colourway that would make me go out and actually buy a pair. None the less, whilst browsing through the latest drops on Size?, I come across these beauties.

£55 @ Size?

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the hubb
In around 9 and a half hours time, I shall be beginning my first paid job in the design industry; as part of my placement at Bournemouth University. So yeah, I’m pretty excited/apprehensive/nervous, but fingers crossed all will go well.

A big thanks to Carlos for offering me this opportunity; I hope this is the first step into an illustrious design career!

Check ‘The Hubb’ out here:

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Shoe Pick #29 – Asics (+ East Coast Project)

Gel Lyte III
Ronnie Fieg East Coast Project – New York

rf gel iii's

What Ronnie Fieg has done with these Asics Gel Lyte III’s completely blows my mind; I mean seriously, they look insane. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I’d be on these like a politician on expenses; a big house and car can wait. Before I turn this entire post into some creepy gushing over a pair of (delightful) shoes, i’ll get on to some detail about these mad kicks.

rf gel iii's 3

The Gel Lyte III is a classic Asics silhouette that has been recreated regularly over the years. Originally a running shoe, this model has really struck a chord with current tastes and fashion, they tend to sell like hot cakes whenever a new variation is introduced. I’ve loved these from the start, but nobody can deny the influence that Mr. Ronnie Fieg has had on the success of this silhouette.

rf gel iii's' 2

Fieg regularly pushes out footwear collaborations with the likes of Sebago, Dr. Martens and New Balance; but Asics seems to me to be his most successful collaboration brand of all. Whether it be the Gel Lyte III, GT II or Gel Saga, Fieg has dropped an insane version every time he has touched the retro runner. Premium quality materials, bold colourways, and meticulous attention to detail seems to sum up his design ethos, and I’m all for it.


Launched as part of his ‘East Coast Project’, these New York inspired Gel Lyte III’s deserve a leading position in my shoe pick section. Feel free to check out the rest of his collection, including windbreakers, T-shirts, vests and shorts; as well as the sister Miami inspired GL3’s. Enjoy!

Ronnie Fieg – East Coast Project 2013

#Ronnie Fieg

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SNEAKERS: Footpatrol x Saucony Shadow 6000 “Only in Soho”

I think I’m in love…

Strictly DeadStock

Footpatrol x Saucony Shadow 6000 - 1

Known for it’s reputation of sex shops, nightlife, and a flamboyant film industry, London’s Soho has been the district for entertainment for much of the 20th century. London retailer Footpatrol sits in the heart of the Soho district and have made it the theme for their latest collaboration with Saucony on the Shadow 6000.
Featuring a Black , Bright Blue, and Royal suede upper with a splattered midsole and red accents, the shoe receives the “Only in Soho” logo on the inner-sole while the tongue label features the Footpatrol gas mask.
Look for the Footpatrol x Saucony Shadow 6000 to release in limited numbers in-store and online on May 3rd.


via Footpatrol

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What a difference a colour way makes!

There are many things I look for in a good pair of sneakers. Build quality, technology and heritage all come into it, but I simply won’t buy a pair that I don’t like the look of. That sounds like common sense, however there are a couple of examples of sneakers where one model can produce two very different opinions in me. The silhouette’s are identical, but due to either colour way or material use, I love one and hate the other.

Reebok Classic Leather in White – HATE
rbk clsic lthr
I can’t stand the sight of the Classic Leather Reebok in all white, “tacky” and “cheap” spring to mind when I come across these. Classic running shoes usually cannot do wrong with me, so props to Reebok I guess! I can’t put my finger on the exact reasoning, as it has everything I look for in a classic running shoe. My cousin has two pairs, and I constantly remind him that they’re burglar shoes (Google it)… I just don’t “get” them.

Reebok Classic Leather in Khaki – LOVE
rbk clsic lthr 2
The identical model to the white leather’s, but these Reebok’s in khaki suede look nothing short of dope! I love the subtle colour blocking on the mid sole, the rough suede tones on the upper, and the fact that these somehow seem to look less bulky that their counterpart. Plus they’re a 30th Anniversary Edition, it’s always nice to have a special pair of kicks.

With these Reebok Classic’s, there’s something about the original white leather that really doesn’t bode well with me. However MOST of the alternatives out there, whether that be the 30th Anniversary Ed, Frank the Butcher, etc; all get double thumbs up from me.

Nike Air Max 95 OG – HATE
air max 95 2
The Air Max has gone down hill ever since the original AM1. Okay, the Light was pretty nice, but I don’t even dig the AM90’s. These 95’s though… *gag*, really? I appreciate the technology and “innovation” that went into these at the time, but from a purely aesthetically point of view, I can see NO appeal. A black mid sole always puts any sneaker on the wrong foot (no pun intended) to start with, and that’s only the start of my bug bear’s with this shoe. It would take nothing short of a miracle to make me like this silhouette…

Nike Air Max 95 EM Honolulu – LOVE
air max 95 1
I don’t know how you did it Nike, but you’ve managed to create an AM95 variation that I actually dig; I salute you! ‘Engineered Mesh’ has been chucked onto all of their classic model’s, and it has been pulled off perfectly on this AM95. The subtlety of the upper, the paint fleck WHITE mid sole, and the bright orange air pockets; this whole shoe comes together to create something clean, fresh and seriously desirable.

In contrast to the Reebok’s, this Honolulu edition is the ONLY AM95 that I’d be caught wearing. Even the rest of this special “worldwide” pack do nothing for me, it’s clearly a silhouette that I just do not like.

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Web Pick #14 – Adidas “Feet You Wear” Basketball

Basketball shoes have a huge following worldwide, a versatile footwear option that gives supreme comfort, sporting credentials and “great styling”… apparently. Of course when you look back at the roots of most classic sneakers, a huge proportion have been born from the basketball scene. Heck, I have a pair of Adidas Greenstar & Puma Dallas in my treasured collection; both designed specifically for basketball. Plus I’m loving the new generation of high tech basketball shoes, whether that be the Nike Hyperdunk, Lebron Cork’s, Kobe 8’s, etc.

adidas eqt

My bug bear seems to be with basketball shoes of the 90’s, an era that I generally feel did not give much to the world of design; don’t get me started on the automotive industry. I came across this web pick through Sneaker Report, and thought to myself “how on earth can people dig these?!”. I do not question the pioneering technology behind these shoes, but aesthetically I’d rather wear a pair of Primarni plimsoles!

It all boils down to taste, and these kicks really do NOTHING for me.

Original Article @ Sneaker Report

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