Car Insurance – What about Ageism then?!

Thought i’d repost this article, or rant, that I posted up just over a year ago. Have a read, and let me know what you think.

Car Insurance – What about Ageism?!

Legislation was recently passed by the EU, preventing gender factoring into motor insurance quotes. This unsurprisingly means that rather than male insurance decreasing, female insurance will be significantly increasing in order to fill the current void between the two genders. The reason gender currently effects insurance is down to motor insurance accident statistics. On average, males are around 50% more likely to have an accident than females, fact. The insurance companies therefore use this to justify the difference between the two genders.

Now, this group is not here for the purpose of deliberating whether it is sexist to charge males significantly more for insurance than females. Also it is worth noting that general statistics apply to EVERY variable there is in motor insurance, whether it be location, time of day driven, car model, and funnily enough… age.

By passing this legislation, the EU is saying that it is SEXIST to charge male drivers more for motor insurance, even though the insurance companies are following national road accident statistics. Am I right?

Okay then, what about age. Surely it is AGEIST to charge young drivers considerably more for motor insurance, even though the insurance companies are once again following the national road statistics. Surely it is AGEIST to charge a newly qualified 18 year old £3000, but a newly qualified 38 year old just £1000.

Surely it is LOCATIONIST (I know it isn’t a word!) to charge drivers in certain areas more for motor insurance, even though the insurance companies are once again following the national road statistics.

I could go on, but I’m sure you get the point I’m trying to make. The problem I have is with double standards. When deciding whether to pass this piece of legislation, surely the EU beurocrats considered that they would open up a raft of contradiction in their wake? Once again I would like to re iterate. EVERY variable that car insurance companies take into account when calculating quotes; EVERY single one is determined by the statistical probability of the occupant being involved in an accident.

There are 3 main “ism’s”, as I like to call them, ALL of which are forms of discrimination.


Racism would never be tolerated in any way shape or form regarding motor insurance, and rightly so. However, I’m sure there are statistics out there somewhere which indicate the ethnicity of a person most likely, and least likely to be involved in a motor accident. It sounds totally ridiculous when you look at it in that way, but the principles are exactly the same.

Sexism is now no longer going to be taken into account. I won’t go into anymore detail about this, as I feel I’ve already got it pretty well covered.

Ageism however is completely overlooked. In society in general, ageism is barely ever taken into consideration. Furthermore, whenever it is, it always seems to be in the favour of older people. Now I’m not saying that this is wrong, not by a long shot. I agree that it is ageist to discriminate against someone because of their age. I agree that it was wrong that certain presenters were fired by a certain “Countryfile” programme on the BBC recently, replaced with younger presenters because they were “too old”. However, the voice at the other end of the spectrum is rarely heard, and it disgusts me.


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