My Shoe Archive #2 – Nike

Brand: Nike
Blazer Vintage High Nylon
Yellow & White

Never have I deliberated the decision to keep a pair of shoes so much! I purchased these, along with a pair of Nike Vortex Fuse’s, both in my size. I still don’t really know why, they just looked really sweet, I needed them in my hands. Nonetheless, I decided to keep these Blazers, rather than flogging them with the Vortex’s.

I generally like to have my own kind of style, espcially when it comes to my shoes. NB’s do not have the widespread popularity in the UK like they do in the US, and practically every other person here is wearing a pair of Blazers. Still, they’re popular for a reason, and as I got them for slightly cheaper than retail (£50), I’m gonna keep hold of them.

The yellow colouring makes them really stand out, and the nylon upper brings them out even more, unlike the duller finish you get with yellow suede’s. Nylon should also mean that they can take a bit of a beating, without getting ruined. I do love suede shoes, but it’s nice to not have to worry as much, particularly with the British weather at the moment!


About Tom McCluskey

My name is Tom, and this is my blog! I'm 19 years of age, and just beginning my 2nd year of a BSc/BA Product Design degree at Bournemouth University, UK. Otherwise, I live at home in Romford, London (not Essex!) during the summer period. Design is something I'm taking ever more seriously in life. Starting my degree, hoping to explore a field I had dabbled in with GCSE Graphics at school, design has gradually become something of an obsession. Shoe/Trainer/Sneaker design is something that particularly interests and inspires me, I'm quite the "sneakerhead", and I plan on using this blog to showcase my journey through university, and beyond. When it comes to extracurricular activities, I'm a big fan of sports, football and badminton in particular. West Ham United are my team, and you'd struggle to find a more passionate fan. Just ask my girlfriend, I was absolutely delirious when we won the play off's final against Blackpool earlier this year, COYI! Anyway, I hope you enjoy what I've got to showcase here in my blog, thanks for dropping by. Tom.
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