Shoe Pick #16 – Nike

Brand: Nike
 Flyknit Racer
 Green / Black / White
Price: £150

Me being a sneakerhead, my observations when watching this years London 2012 Olympics are different to most. Of course, I love the competition, particularly having it taking place so close to home; but the kicks of the athletes have been grabbing my attention.

A wide variety of brands have been represented with the Olympian’s athletic equipment. Great Britain with Adidas, China with Li-Ning, Jamaica with Puma, The Netherlands with Asics; and of course the United States of America, with Nike. I give you the Nike Flyknit Racer, the bright green trainers won by practically ALL of the American Olympian’s, surely you MUST have noticed them!

Released along with the Trainer+, the Racer demonstrates Nike’s brand new ‘Flyknit’ technology. Maximum stability, minimum weight, these are the perfect barefoot running shoes. The upper is a one mesh construction, giving fantastic stretch, breathability and support. I’ve come across an awesome article on Flyknit technology courtesy of Sneaker News, really worth a read if you’re interested in what makes this awesome piece of kit.

Available from the Official Nike Store for £150, these aren’t cheap. But for such a highly strung and well engineered running shoe, there’s nothing on the market like them. Oh, and they’re sh*t hot!

£150 @ Nike Official Store
Sneaker News Article – Flyknit technology


About Tom McCluskey

My name is Tom, and this is my blog! I'm 19 years of age, and just beginning my 2nd year of a BSc/BA Product Design degree at Bournemouth University, UK. Otherwise, I live at home in Romford, London (not Essex!) during the summer period. Design is something I'm taking ever more seriously in life. Starting my degree, hoping to explore a field I had dabbled in with GCSE Graphics at school, design has gradually become something of an obsession. Shoe/Trainer/Sneaker design is something that particularly interests and inspires me, I'm quite the "sneakerhead", and I plan on using this blog to showcase my journey through university, and beyond. When it comes to extracurricular activities, I'm a big fan of sports, football and badminton in particular. West Ham United are my team, and you'd struggle to find a more passionate fan. Just ask my girlfriend, I was absolutely delirious when we won the play off's final against Blackpool earlier this year, COYI! Anyway, I hope you enjoy what I've got to showcase here in my blog, thanks for dropping by. Tom.
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