Shoe Pick #25 – Li-Ning

Brand: Li-Ning
 Dwyane Wade Signature Shoe
 Black & White (more TBA)
Price: N/A

Li-Ning are one of the biggest sportswear companies in China, therefore making them one of the biggest on the planet. The brand may not have the mainstream awareness and pedigree of Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc, but they’re definitely starting to make their rivals take note. After signing basketball player Dwyane Wade away from Jordan Brand, they’ve collaborated with the man himself to produce his own pair of signature shoes.

Generally they seem to be have met with quite critical response, people expecting more from this strongly hyped release. Either way, I really like them. The lacing is different… to say the least, but overall the shoe looks like a really clean and solid piece of design. Li-Ning have been on the basketball radar for a while now, and big name signings like Wade are only going to increase their corporate profile in the years to come. Keep an eye out Jordan, the Chinese are coming!

Article @ Highsnobiety


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