What a difference a colour way makes!

There are many things I look for in a good pair of sneakers. Build quality, technology and heritage all come into it, but I simply won’t buy a pair that I don’t like the look of. That sounds like common sense, however there are a couple of examples of sneakers where one model can produce two very different opinions in me. The silhouette’s are identical, but due to either colour way or material use, I love one and hate the other.

Reebok Classic Leather in White – HATE
rbk clsic lthr
I can’t stand the sight of the Classic Leather Reebok in all white, “tacky” and “cheap” spring to mind when I come across these. Classic running shoes usually cannot do wrong with me, so props to Reebok I guess! I can’t put my finger on the exact reasoning, as it has everything I look for in a classic running shoe. My cousin has two pairs, and I constantly remind him that they’re burglar shoes (Google it)… I just don’t “get” them.

Reebok Classic Leather in Khaki – LOVE
rbk clsic lthr 2
The identical model to the white leather’s, but these Reebok’s in khaki suede look nothing short of dope! I love the subtle colour blocking on the mid sole, the rough suede tones on the upper, and the fact that these somehow seem to look less bulky that their counterpart. Plus they’re a 30th Anniversary Edition, it’s always nice to have a special pair of kicks.

With these Reebok Classic’s, there’s something about the original white leather that really doesn’t bode well with me. However MOST of the alternatives out there, whether that be the 30th Anniversary Ed, Frank the Butcher, etc; all get double thumbs up from me.

Nike Air Max 95 OG – HATE
air max 95 2
The Air Max has gone down hill ever since the original AM1. Okay, the Light was pretty nice, but I don’t even dig the AM90’s. These 95’s though… *gag*, really? I appreciate the technology and “innovation” that went into these at the time, but from a purely aesthetically point of view, I can see NO appeal. A black mid sole always puts any sneaker on the wrong foot (no pun intended) to start with, and that’s only the start of my bug bear’s with this shoe. It would take nothing short of a miracle to make me like this silhouette…

Nike Air Max 95 EM Honolulu – LOVE
air max 95 1
I don’t know how you did it Nike, but you’ve managed to create an AM95 variation that I actually dig; I salute you! ‘Engineered Mesh’ has been chucked onto all of their classic model’s, and it has been pulled off perfectly on this AM95. The subtlety of the upper, the paint fleck WHITE mid sole, and the bright orange air pockets; this whole shoe comes together to create something clean, fresh and seriously desirable.

In contrast to the Reebok’s, this Honolulu edition is the ONLY AM95 that I’d be caught wearing. Even the rest of this special “worldwide” pack do nothing for me, it’s clearly a silhouette that I just do not like.


About Tom McCluskey

My name is Tom, and this is my blog! I'm 19 years of age, and just beginning my 2nd year of a BSc/BA Product Design degree at Bournemouth University, UK. Otherwise, I live at home in Romford, London (not Essex!) during the summer period. Design is something I'm taking ever more seriously in life. Starting my degree, hoping to explore a field I had dabbled in with GCSE Graphics at school, design has gradually become something of an obsession. Shoe/Trainer/Sneaker design is something that particularly interests and inspires me, I'm quite the "sneakerhead", and I plan on using this blog to showcase my journey through university, and beyond. When it comes to extracurricular activities, I'm a big fan of sports, football and badminton in particular. West Ham United are my team, and you'd struggle to find a more passionate fan. Just ask my girlfriend, I was absolutely delirious when we won the play off's final against Blackpool earlier this year, COYI! Anyway, I hope you enjoy what I've got to showcase here in my blog, thanks for dropping by. Tom.
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