Who am I?

Name:             Tom McCluskey
DOB:               18/01/1993
From:              Romford, London, UK
Living:            Bournemouth, Dorset UK
Studying:      BSc/BA Product Design @ Bournemouth University

My Online Portfolio (Coroflot)


My name is Tom, and this is my blog!

I’m 19 years of age, and currently in my 2nd year of a BSc/BA Product Design degree at Bournemouth University, Dorset. Otherwise, I live at home in Romford, London (not Essex!) during the summer time

Design is something I’m taking ever more seriously in life. Starting my degree, hoping to explore a field I had dabbled in with GCSE Graphics at school, design has gradually began to become a real love of mine. Sneaker design is something that particularly interests and inspires me; I love shoes, and I’m not embarrassed to say it! Automotive design is also something I have a real passion for, even leading me to study Motorsport Engineering during my 2 years at college.  I plan on using this blog to showcase my journey through university, and beyond.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy what I’ve got to show here in my blog, thanks for dropping by!



1 Response to Who am I?

  1. Des Rogers says:

    Hi Tom,
    Yours is the first blog site I have visited …….a late comer you might say.
    Its good work and easy to read while being informative.

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