Shoe Pick #29 – Sperry

Sperry Boat Oxford
Brown Suede
I’ve been searching online for a nice new pair of formal shoes for a while now. I wanted something under a strong quality brand, not some in house Topman rubbish. I also wanted something that is brown, because “an Italian always wears brown shoes, they go with everything”… not that I’m even slightly Italian.

I present to you the Sperry Boat Oxford’s. As the name suggests this is a hybrid of Boat Shoe and Oxford Wingtip, creating a really clean & smart silhouette. Sperry are well established in the formal/casual shoe market, in line with the likes of Sebago and Timberland.

They retail on the official Sperry website at $100, however I managed to snag my pair in the Hanon sale for just £38 (deducting £4 worth of Hanon points that I’ve accumilated). They’re still available in size 7, 8, 8.5, 9, 11 & 12 (I got the last 10’s, muaha!).

£38.48 @ Hanon

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Shoe Pick #28 – Wood Wood

Wood Wood Geoff Shoe
Grey Camoflague
WoodWoodDanish fashion brand Wood Wood have done many collaborations on footwear in the past with the likes of Nike, Pointer and Adidas; this however is their first attempt at 100% in house designed footwear. Four styles have been born, with this grey camo thick sole plimsole being my favourite of the bunch.
WoodWood2The subtle camo print across the upper creating combined with the strong white mid sole creates a sophisticated yet bold shoe. You can sense the influence that Wood Wood have taken from the more grown up Oxford’s, with a sprinkling of sneaker style producing a stunning hybrid model.

These are available directly from the Wood Wood online store for a sweet 270 euros.

Source Article: Hypebeast

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Toddler’s Interactive Toy Prototype – Week 4/5

No, that isn’t a typo. I completely forgot to upload anything on last weeks progress, so straight to week 4/5. Unfortunately I have struggled these past two weeks, and not made nearly as much progression as I would have liked. The first couple of weeks just went TOO well, so with just 1 to go, I’m gonna need to pull out a bit of a miracle.

DSC_0040The main things I need to get done are as follows:

– Axles & Wheels.
– Translucent rear cover (almost finished already tbh).
– Centre part of character holder.
– EYES! I keep forgetting about these.

So yeah, I’m going to need to rub this bugger down, as I really would like to spray it when I’m done.

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Shoe Pick #27 – Supra

Supra Backwood
Camoflague & White

Supra was conceived in 2006 as a part of the Krew Clothing Group; and to be honest it has never done much for me. Their roots are in skate footwear, an area I have never had an interest in; too big and bulky nine times out of ten. However they came to my attention not so long ago with their ‘Owen’ sneaker, a shoe based on the classic running silhouette I love oh so much. Then I found the Backwood…Supra Backwood

Marketed as an “All-weather boot/athletic-shoe hybrid”, the Backwood looks nuts! The shape is elegant but not too in your face; the camo print is subtle yet stylish (especially at this current time of camo love), and the white midsole (made from their own in house developed SUPRAFOAM®) really sets these off. Being influenced as a boot also means that it should last longer than you will; no more worries of scuffing your new sneakers with these!

They’re available from the official Supra store in a variety of different colours, the black & white alternative also looks sweet. PLUS there’s a digi camo version if you’re feeling experimental; a tad too brash for me though.

Available at Supra – £80

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Shoe Pick #26 – Onitsuka Tiger

Onitsuka Tiger Colorado ’85
Sand & Black

It has been quite a while since I last done one of these, but I want to do my best to keep this going!
Asics Colorado

Originally released in 1985, the Colorado is a fantastic looking retro sneaker. Onitsuka Tiger, the sub division of Asics; has been hugely influential worldwide since their conception in 1949. The Colorado was in fact originally designed primarily for use outdoors, with its breathable nylon and tough suede patches; taking design influence from the Ultimate ’81 and California ’78.

Available from End Clothing – £60

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Toddler’s Interactive Toy Prototype – Week 2/5

More progress this week, I have now practically finished the top half of my product (1st picture) with the vacuum formed HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene), as well as the inner skin (2nd picture).

Good progress so far, although the far more complicated innards are still to come. Wish me luck!

SAM_0545 SAM_0546

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More Solidworks + Portfolio Board

Did another bit of practice yesterday before my test this morning. Wasn’t horrible, although I could have done with a wee bit more time. Either way, here’s another concept + board I created, and my resultant portfolio from the last couple of days work.

Poseidon Presentation 1


Portfolio Board

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